3k Assistant, Aeternum, Barrel Cydia Free


Download Cydia brings thousands of facilities for your jailbroken iOS. Among those facilities, with Cydia, you can easily download multiple Cydia tweaks, games, themes, ads, extensions, and many more facilities. While counting those unlimited facilities of Cydia download, you will probably get facilities to download 3k assistant Cydia free, aeternum Cydia free, barrel Cydia free and there are plenty of other facilities.

3k Assistant, Aeternum, Barrel Cydia Free

Cydia for iOS

Cydia app store included unbelievable facilities rather than the default Apple store facilities. For your iOS, Cydia means an indispensable application store, and here users can download free apps as well as paid apps directly from the web. Before download Cydia, here you have to jailbreak iOS. The reason for that is jailbreak is the only supported way to get root access for your operating system. Now you can use the Cydia warrior application to get both functions easily. 

Using Cydia warrior now it is possible to get 3k assistant Cydia free, aeternum Cydia free, barrel Cydia free, and other several Cydia facilities just within a few seconds. 


Jailbreak for Cydia

For Cydia download, here you have to jailbreka iOS first. Jailbreak will remove all the barriers imposed by Apple, and with the warrior app, you can easily jailbreak iOS and download Cydia. This is an online jailbreak method, and it supports a wide range of iDevices up to iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 11 series, and iPhone 12 series. 

After download Cydia, you can easily enjoy three major facilities with plenty of Cydia opportunities. Let’s see those highlighted facilities you can enjoy here.


Install 3k assistant Cydia free

3K Assistant is known as a Chinese developer team that develops a piracy store to download paid apps for free. If you are a Cydia fan, 3k assistant Cydia free is a must app that you should try. In the earlier time 3k assistant support only for China. But now it is available in some other countries as well. 


Install Aeternum Cydia free

Aeternum Cydia Free adds a newer UI for your Apple watch. Aeternum Cydia Free option increase the dock look, and it has the ability to rearrange icons. Finally, with 

Aeternum Cydia free, you can download exciting themes for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch device. 


Install Barrel Cydia free

If you are looking for more interesting functions for your home screen, then you should try Barrel Cydia Free. This is an interesting option to get unlimited sliding motions for your device home screen for iPhone. Barrel Cydia free is a famous Cydia tweaks that you can easily download through the Cydia warrior application. It adds, 

  • Graphical effects to icon pages 
  • 18 different modes for your selections.
  • Turn off related effects 
  • Configure options
  • It costs $2.99 
  • Purchases available in the Barrel app for installation.


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How to get 3k assistant Cydia free, aeternum Cydia free, barrel Cydia free, and other facilities with Cydia warrior?

To download the Cydia warrior app for your iOS, here you have to follow some simple steps. First, you have to visit the official Cydia warrior website. Then download the application. Here it will jailbreak iOS and install the warrior app store. Through the app store, it is possible to download third-party apps, and Cydia applications such as 3k assistant Cydia free, aeternum Cydia free, barrel Cydia free, etc. Enjoy those facilities with Cydia warrior.