Cydia Impactor App Specific Password


Cydia Impactor is a third party Graphical User Interface tool developed by Saurik. It was first introduced for Android devices to install APK files later on it was also modified for iOS devices to install IPA files

Cydia Impactor App Specific Password

Using Cydia Impactor App specific password

When you are using third party apps with your Apple ID you need to consider the security. The app specific password facilitates the users to sign in to their account. This personal information is securely accessed from the date stored in your iCloud from a third party application. As an example you can use app specific with your contacts, mail and calendar services that are not provided by Apple. It will keep your Apple credentials securely and guarantees that it will not be taken or collected by any other third party app. If you have signed in to iCloud for Windows you do not have to have an app specific password to use your Apple ID with third party microsoft software. In order to create an app specific password you need to protect your Apple ID with two factor authentication. 

Here are the steps you must follow  to generate an app specific password. 

Step 1: first .you have to sign in to your Apple ID in account page.

Step 2: after that click generate password below the app specific password in the device security section.

Step 3: Next you have to follow the steps accordingly the instructions shown on the screen. 

After generating the app specific password you must enter it to the password field of the app. 


How to manage app specific passwords?

You can have a maximum of twenty five app specific passwords at once and if you need to revoke these app specific passwords you can revoke all at once or individually one by one. Below are the steps to revoke app specific password. 

Step 1: first you have to sign in to the Apple ID account page.

Step 2: click on Edit in the security section.

Step 3: click on view history in the app specific password section.

Step 4: click on the cross symbol near the app specific password you are going to delete or you can revoke all. 

After revoking a password you will be signed out from the apps that you are using that account until you create another password and sign in. Anytime you reset or change your Primary Apple ID password, all your app specific passwords will be revoked automatically to secure your account. It will be needed to create a new App specific password to continue using those apps. 

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Solving provision.cpp:150 error in Cydia Impactor when jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 using Pangu

Though the Pangu iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak contains bugs this error is not due to a bug this error shows an error related to configuration. To fix this you have to create an app specific password. 

Step 1: First you must visit and log in to your apple ID account.

Step 2:  then scroll down in the security section and click the edit button.

Step 3: next select the App specific password section and click on generate password. 

Step 4: enter any name that you like as password and click on the create button. 

Step 5: copy the password you generate. 

Step 6: at last when the cydia impactor asks you for the Apple ID password use the generated password. 

By following those steps you can fix the problem and it will be safe. 

So we hope that you gained knowledge about app specific passwords.