Cydia Impactor iOS 9


Cydia Impactor iOS 9 has its own unique features such as installing or removing previously installed jailbreak versions for Apple devices. It can be known as a high end application. This can be even used to uninstall all the third party applications and move it to the original position as it was before. This is the best app that can be recommended to clear your jailbroken device and make it as it was before if you are hoping to sell your phone. As always this version of Cydia Impactor also was developed by Jay Saurik Freeman who is an individual developer and a technology consultant. Though the latest versions of Cydia Impactor are a bit troubleshooting still people tend to use Cydia Impactor because of its amazing features

Cydia Impactor iOS 9

Preparation for installation of Cydia Impactor iOS 9

There are few things you need to be prepared before starting the installation process, they are as follows.

The first thing you must keep in mind is to remove unwanted data and have enough free space for the app. Otherwise it will be troubleshooting in the installation process. As the jailbreaking process needs some considerable amount of power make sure to charge your device at least upto 50%. You must also disable the “find my iPhone” feature and you can re-enable it after the installation process. Your data will be safe if you keep a backup because sometimes jailbreaking will wipe away the device data. Moreover if you have upgraded via OTA you need to restore iTunes also. 

So these are the requirements you need to fulfill before installing Cydia impactor for your device.


Cydia Impactor supported iOS 9 versions

  • iOS 9
  • iOS 9.3.1
  • iOS 9.3.2
  • iOS 9.3.3
  • iOS 9.3.4
  • iOS 9.3.5
  • iOS 9.3.6


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Some frequently asked questions about Cydia impactor

Is it safe to jailbreak?

Jailbreaking means that you are breaking through security lines imposed by Apple. So after jailbreaking your device you can do things that normally Apple won’t allow you to. As an example you can install third party apps that are not available in the App store. Though it is legal to jailbreak after the jailbreaking process the Apple company will not guarantee your iOS device. But it will be fun and interesting to navigate new things after the jailbreaking process.


What are the alternatives for Cydia Impactor?

If you cannot get Cydia Impactor or if it is troubleshooting you can use an alternative. Even alternatives will also perform a good job by allowing you to install third party apps, games and even tweaks. some of the alternatives are listed below.

  • Sileo
  • AppValley
  • Emus4U
  • Panda Helper
  • Tutu App
  • TweakBox
  • AppCake
  • Aptoide
  • Mojo installer
  • AppEven 


How to remove Cydia Impactor?

If you are using Cydia impactor iOS 9 and if you feel no longer using it removing Cydia is easy and simple. All you have to do is to use a Cydia impactor eraser. It will erase Cydia Impactor without harming your iOS version.  


Is it illegal to use Cydia Impactor?

Yuh it is legal to use Cydia Impactor but the Apple company will cancel your warranty if your device is jailbroken.


What apps are on Cydia Impactor?

Following are a few apps that are available on Cydia.

  • Auxo
  • iFile
  • Merge
  • Bite SMS, messenger+
  • 3G unrestrictor
  • TetherMe
  • Sparrow+
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews
  • Zephyr


Can Cydia Impactor be installed without jailbreaking?

No you cannot install Cydia impactor without jailbreaking your device. If you don’t like to get a risk by jailbreaking your device there are many other alternatives you can use instead of Cydia Impactor.