Cydia iOS 14.4


iOS 14.4 is the latest released iOS version available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users. If you have already upgraded your device to iOS 14.4, it’s time to enjoy the latest released apps and tweaks with Cydia iOS 14.4.

Cydia iOS 14.4

Cydia is the best alternative designed for the default Apple App Store. You are not allowed to install third-party apps on iDevices by default. But if you install Cydia Free, you get the opportunity to install various third-party apps, games, tweaks, themes, extensions, and add-ons on iDevices. For that, you must jailbreak your iDevice in order to remove manufacturer restrictions imposed by the company because you are not allowed to install third-party apps and tweaks on iDevices by default. There are many jailbreak apps that can install Cydia on iDevices. On this web page, we are discussing all the jailbreak possibilities to download Cydia iOS 14.4 on iDevices.


Cydia Warrior Jailbreak to Install Cydia iOS 14.4

Cydia Warrior is not a regular jailbreak app you meet every day. It is an online jailbreak app that uses a systemless jailbreaking method to jailbreak and install Cydia on iDevices. In addition to the Cydia Installer, Cydia Warrior brings an in-built third-party app store for iDevices. With both app stores together, you can install powerful third-party apps, tweaks, games, extensions, themes, and add-ons on your device with the Cydia Warrior jailbreak.

The specialty in the Warrior jailbreak is that it is compatible with any iOS version running iDevice model. It has even been updated to the latest released iOS 14.4 update as well. So if you are already up to date with the iOS 14.4 update on your iDevice, you can use the Cydia Warrior Jailbreak to install Cydia iOS 14.4.


Compatible Devices with Cydia Warrior Cydia iOS 14.4

All iOS 14.4 running iPhones, iPod touches, and iPadOS 14.4 running iPads are compatible with CW jailbreak to install Cydia iOS 14.4.


Download Cydia iOS 14.4 with Checkra1n Jailbreak

Checkra1n is a hardware-based semi-tethered jailbreak app that was developed by the famous jailbreak developer Luca Todesco. It was developed using the Checkm8 exploit for A5-A11 chipset based devices. Therefore, Checkra1n only supports A5-A11 chipset based devices. Checkra1n jailbreak is available for iOS 12.0 – iOS 14.4 devices. However, you can only use Checkra1n jailbreak to download Cydia iOS 14.4 on a few iOS/ iPadOS 14.4 supported devices. And you will need a Mac PC to run the Checkra1n jailbreak app.

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Differences Between Cydia Warrior and Checkra1n Jailbreak to Install Cydia iOS 14.4

  • Cydia Warrior offers you online jailbreak, and the Checkra1n offers you semi-tethered jailbreak.
  • You don’t need a PC to run the Cydia Warrior app, but you need a Mac PC to run the Checkra1n jailbreak app. 
  • You can install Cydia iOS 14.4 without voiding the device warranty if you use the CW app, but you will void the device warranty if you use the Checkra1n jailbreak app.