Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1


iOS 14.4.1 is one of the latest released iOS versions. If you have already jailbroken and installed Cydia iOS 14.4.1, but you are not satisfied with it, you can remove Cydia Jailbreak with the latest Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1.

Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1

Cydia is the best third-party app store designed for iOS devices. Therefore, many people like to install Cydia on their iDevices. Since you are not allowed to install third-party apps by default, you need to jailbreak and remove manufacturer restrictions in order to install Cydia. Once you jailbreak and install Cydia, you cannot remove it without proceeding with a new firmware update. But thanks to the special eraser tool called “Cydia Eraser”, you can now remove both Cydia and jailbreak without upgrading to a new software update.


What is Cydia Eraser?

Cydia Eraser is a specialized software application developed by Jay Freeman Saurik to remove Cydia and jailbreak from iDevices. This package was called Cydia Impactor some years ago. Then it was renamed as “Cydia Erase” after the release of iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak with Pangu. It allows you to remove all Cydia packages and its data without performing a software update on your device. By now, this Eraser tool has been updated for many iOS versions, including for the latest iOS 14.4.1.

With the latest Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1 update, you can remove both Cydia and jailbreak iOS 14.4.1 from the device. You can also use this tool to remove Cydia tweaks, packages, and restore iDevices to a clean and non-jailbroken state. The best thing in using Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1 is that you can remain in the same iOS 14.4.1 version after removing Cydia from it.


How to Install Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1?

Usually, Apple patches every Cydia and jailbreak opportunity you reached when releasing the next iOS update. So if you upgrade your iOS version to remove Cydia, you won’t be able to install Cydia again until some jailbreak developer pops up and releases a jailbreak update. So the best thing is using the Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1 to remove Cydia from your iOS 14.4.1 device if you want to install Cydia again. Here is how you can install Cydia Eraser on your iOS 14.4.1 device:

  1. Plug-in your iDevice to a Windows or Mac computer and then open iTunes.
  2. Make sure to make a backup of your whole device data.
  3. Also, make sure that your device has a minimum of 20% battery life and keep the device plugged in.
  4. Launch the Cydia app store from your iDevice and search for the Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1.
  5. Install the Eraser tool by using the same installation process you used when installing Cydia.
  6. You will see the Eraser app icon on the device’s home screen when your device resprings.

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Download Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1 with Cydia Warrior

Cydia Warrior is a powerful online jailbreak app that supports all iOS 14 related versions, including the latest iOS 14.4.1. It can jailbreak iOS 14.4.1 devices and install Cydia on it. Once you installed Cydia iOS 14.4.1 with the Cydia Warrior app, you can also install the latest Cydia Eraser iOS 14.4.1 through it.