Cydia Impactor Errors


Nothing is 100% perfect in this world, so are computers, phones and apps. It is obvious to have errors. Error is something that generates a difference between the accurate value and the computed value. It delays the work as the user needs to spend an extra time to fix the error moreover the user will be stressed and frustrated because of such errors. Cydia Impactor also consists of such errors like runtime error, cydia impactor error 150, error 173, error 182 etc. Any of these errors will be a barrier for the user to complete the expected task in the expected time. So here let us refer to some Cydia impactor errors.

Cydia Impactor Errors

Provision.cpp:150 error

This is a common error message users get. You may wonder the reason for this error, error 15o means the Apple ID or the Apple password you entered is incorrect. Sometimes you may have even accidentally entered the wrong ID or password. As this error message pops out because of invalid login credentials you can go to to generate another app specific password. For more information you can follow a guide.


Provision .cpp:173 error

This error message will pop up as provision.cpp; line: 173, please sign in with an app specific password. The meaning of this error message is that you need to enter an app specific password to sideload IPA files instead of Apple ID. So you go to, and log in using your Apple ID and password. You can even create a new Apple ID and try it, that will also fix Cydia Impactor error 173. If still it shows the error code you can disable two factor authentication and give it a shot by using your existing Apple ID password. 


Http-win, cpp; line 182

Cydia impactor error 182 will show up as file: http-win.cpp: line 182; what: problem with ssl ca cert (path? Access rights?) or as a file: http-win, cpp; line 182; what; SSL connect error gnults_handshake() failed: error in the pull function. To solve this error you must navigate to Menu then to Cydia Impactor, SSL by following it it will change the insecure settings and will resolve the error. Another thing you can do to resolve this error is to turn off the double certificate. It will be worth giving it a try. 


Lockdown.cpp: 57 error

If you are a cydia impactor you may have seen an error message as file:lockdown.cpp; line: 57; what:LOCKDOWN_E_INVALID_CONF. The solutions can be fixed by following some steps. First you must kill Cydia Impactor then turn off the WiFi on your iDevice and run Cydia Impactor again. Next thing you have to do is tap on “trust” on your iDevice after connecting your device to the computer. The last thing you must do is to download and install the latest version of iTunes and sign in by using Apple ID and the password.

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You will be facing errors other than the above mentioned ones. For that all you have to do is to follow the correct guidelines.