Cydia Impactor iOS 7


Cydia Impactor has always been popular among people who need to get more from their iOS device. Cydia Impactor makes your iOS device more interesting by adding extra functions and customizing the default functions. This amazing application was introduced by Jay Freeman who is famous as Saurik. It is a graphical user interface device used to install third party applications for iOS devices. Cydia Impactor iOS 7 is featured with more amazing features than the other old versions.

Cydia Impactor iOS 7

Supported iOS 7 versions

The following versions of Cydia Impactor are supported with iOS 7

  • iOS 7
  • iOS 7.0.4
  • iOS 7.1
  • iOS 7.1.1
  • iOS 7.1.2


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Features of Cydia Impactor

As mentioned above some amazing features of Cydia Impactor have gathered a huge audience around the world. This is the well known tool for application freaks worldwide. All the credit of Cydia Impactor goes to Saurik who is an individual developer and a technology consultant. So let us now move on to the list of amazing features of Cydia Impactor.


One of the main features of Cydia Impactor is that it comes with inbuilt drivers. So when using Cydia impactor you do not need to install drivers manually as it is almost featured with drivers to communicate with the computer because of that you are able to communicate with the computer directly. 

The next feature of Cydia Impactor is packages installation. Most probably in ordinary devices you need to root the device to test various ROMs but when you are using Cydia Impactor the user can flash any mod package, root package, update package or recover files manually into the device without using fastboot tools. Furthermore you can also update these packages with just one click. 

Another important feature of Cydia Impactor is bridging connection. If you know the port number of your device you can bridge, connect, disconnect or restart the connection between the phone and the computer. 

The next feature of Cydia Impactor we are going to see is rooting of Android devices. You can root your Android device from the previous to the latest version through Cydia Impactor. All you have to do is to connect your Android device to the computer and click on Start then it will update your Android device easily and efficiently to the latest version. All you have to do is to wait a few seconds patiently until it is done. 

Another key feature of Cydia Impactor is fastboot and Bootloader unlocking. After the installation of USB drivers you must restart your device under fastboot mode. You need to follow some specific commands to unlock the bootloader. But if you are a Cydia impactor user you can lock or unlock the bootloader easily. However you must follow a relevant guide to do the job. 

You must have installed drivers in order to communicate with the computer. Using Cydia impactor you can install universal ADB drivers so you do not have to install drivers manually for your device.

The last feature we are going to discuss in this article is installing jailbreak applications. If you are a Cydia impactor user you can install official and even nonofficial apps without any extra effort. 

So these mentioned features are also applicable for Cydia impactor iOS 7. So it also makes the version smart and handy.