Cydia Impactor Xcode 7.3


Though it is human or computers it is natural to have errors. An error is something that makes a difference between the desired output and the calculated output. There are different types of errors such as runtime errors, user errors, viruses etc. Errors always delay the work and most of the time we have to spend extra time and effort to fix these issues. Moreover it is natural that people get frustrated to face an error because everyone likes easy going things without any trouble.

Cydia Impactor Xcode 7.3

When using Cydia impactor you may have seen an error such as “Cydia impactor Xcode 7.3 provision.cpp.error. If so do not worry because you are not alone, many users face this error and even Jay Saurik Freeman is also aware of this error. You might either jailbreak your phone or not but both the ways the device will face this error. 


Developers comment about Xcode 7.3 error

The developer Jay Saurik Freeman has posted a tweet explaining this error to the users.

As confirmed by Saurik Apple has changed something in their backend and that has lead to this error. Because of this it does not allow users who are using free Apple developer account IDs to sideload apps to their iOS device. Further more he mentioned that he need some time to fix the error as he is working with another work recently. Rather than shifting to a paid Apple developer account ID he mentioned that there are other apps you can use as alternatives for Cydia impactor. He didn’t recommend much about using a paid Apple developer account as it is given only for some target people. Moreover he asked the users to wait patiently until he fix the error.


How to fix Cydia impactor Xcode 7.3 error

As Saurik mentioned there no any other special way to fix the error. If you want to have impactor so badly and don’t like to use any other alternatives, all you can do is to have a paid developer account ID by paying $99 per year. If you are not in a hurry you can wait until the developer fix the error. The thing is that you have nothing to do about this error as the issue is with the server side so all you can do is to wait until the developer fix it. 


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Frequently asked questions about Cydia Impactor

Is Cydia impactor still working?

As we all know Cydia impactor is not working currently due to an issue with the server side.

Is Cydia Impactor free?

Yuh Cydia Impactor is an absolutely free tool where you can install third party applications without even paying a penny.

Can Cydia impactor be installed without jailbreaking?

No. It is necessary to jailbreak your device to install Cydia Impactor. If you don’t want to jailbreak your device then you can use any alternatives for that. 

Is jailbreaking safe?

It can not be called as a safe way because jailbreaking means that you remove the restrictions and limits imposed by the Apple. We can tell that you are making a hole in the safe environment as there are reasons for every restriction. Further more if you jailbreak your device the Apple company will not guarantee your device anymore because you have gone through the limits. So you must study about this a little and see whether it is worth to jailbreak your device.

What can Cydia impactor do?

Cydia Impactor is something like a app store the speciality is that you can have customised apps and modifications to apply on your device. The thing is inorder to install these applications, update them and manage them first you have to jailbreak your device. So before using Cydia impactor you must also install a jailbreaking device.