How to Increase iPhone Performance? – iOS Jailbreak


There are many ways to increase the performance of your iPhone. You can upgrade to a new iOS version, install different apps from the Apple App Store, or install third-party apps from external sources. From them, the best way to increase the iPhone performance is installing third-party apps and tweaks as they bring specialized uniquely designed features to iDevice. The problem associated with that is, you are not allowed to install third-party apps on iDevices by default. Cydia Jailbreak is the only solution you have for that.

How to Increase iPhone Performance? - iOS Jailbreak

Now, what is this iOS Jailbreaking? In fact, it is the key to install third-party apps on iDevices. Jailbreak removes all the restrictions and limitations imposed on iDevices by the manufacturer. Therefore, you can install various third-party apps, tweaks, games, themes, add-ons, and extensions on your iPhone after jailbreaking it. For the convenience of jailbreak users, Cydia third-party app store comes as the default app store for jailbroken iDevices. With both Cydia Jailbreak together, you can enhance the whole device performance of your iPhone.


Cydia Warrior Jailbreak

There are many jailbreak apps in different names under different jailbreak categories. The best one from them all is the Cydia Warrior app. It is an online jailbreak app that allows you to jailbreak all iDevice models and iOS versions to install Cydia Free. The Cydia Warrior is the easiest and the most beneficial way to get Cydia Jailbreak on iDevices. You can select a wide variety of third-party apps, themes, games, add-ons, tweaks, and extensions from the Cydia Warrior app store and enhance every nook and corner of your iPhone with unique features.

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How to Jailbreak iPhone?

Following are the steps to jailbreak iPhones with the Cydia Warrior app.

Step 1: Tap on the Download button from the Cydia Warrior official website to download it on your iPhone settings.

Step 2: Then provide your iPhone passcode from Settings > Profile Download.

Step 3: Then the Cydia Warrior app will install on your iPhone and you will see its app icon on the home screen.

Step 4: Tap on the app icon to open the CW app store. Then you can install various third-party apps and tweaks to enhance your iPhone performance.


The Best Cydia Tweaks 2021 to Enhance iPhone Performance

There are many apps and tweaks with unique features in the Cydia app store. Some can add extra security features, some can customize the control center, some can customize app icons, some can add extra unique features, some can manage the battery life performance, etc. Here we collected some of the best Cydia tweaks that you can use on 2021 iPhones to customize their performance.

  1. ColorMyBattery
  2. PullToRespring
  3. HideYourApps Tweak
  4. CCModules
  5. TapTapRes for iOS 13
  6. NoLowPowerAutoLock
  7. DeleteForever
  8. PowerModule Tweak
  9. Clean Player
  10. Carrierizer iOS Tweak
  11. AppDrawer
  12. SmartLPM(Smart Low Power Mode)
  13. AVLock
  14. CleanHomeScreen for iOS 13
  15. CallBar


Is Jailbreak Safe?

Well, there were many risky jailbreak apps in the old days. Some people ended up jailbreaking by bricking their iDevices. But now thanks to modern technology, almost all jailbreak apps are designed with advanced features. Especially online jailbreak apps such as Cydia Warrior. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about using jailbreak and Cydia on iPhones to enhance their performance.