Cydia Impactor Alternatives


As we all know Cydia Impactor is an application developed by Jay Saurik Freeman to install third party applications to iOS devices. Unfortunately this application is not working currently due to a server error. Saurik developer has published a tweet telling the users about this error. As he mentioned it will take some time to fix the error as he is working in another project these days. If you are a tweak app lover you can not wait until it is fixed. So you can use Cydia Impactor alternative tools such as iOS App signer, AltDeploy, AltStore, Sideloady or any other app. 

Cydia Impactor Alternatives

You can use Xcode to sign the IPA file without jailbreak and no revoke, you can use your Apple account and install it. If you are going to try the jailbreaking method you need either a paid or a free Apple Developer account. You cause a free Apple developer account for a week and after that you must shift to a paid one. 

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You can use alternative tools to sideload applications. So here is a brief explanation about these Cydia Impactor alternatives.

01. iOS App Signer

IOS app signer is an open source product available on GitHub. As we know even Cydia Impactor is not an open source tool so even if the users know the problem with the tool they can not fix it, this is a fair reason to choose iOS app signer as an alternative. 

Here are the pre requirements you need to have to install an iOS app signer to your device.

  • The main thing is you need to have an Apple device.
  • IPA file of the application you need to install
  • A computer with Mac or Windows operating system. (Mac or Hackintosh)
  • An iOS app signer software is also needed
  • A paid or free Apple developer account.

Then you must follow a guide for the installation process. It will surely work as cydia impactor’

02. AltStore iOS

The next alternative app is AltStore iOS, earlier this was known as Delta that is an emulator to play gameboy games on your iDevice. The main thing is you do not need to jailbreak your device to use this tool. Via the latest update of AltStore iOS you can install any IPA directly through AltStore. The only thing you must do is to import the IPA file into AltSore. Furthermore you need to install AltStore iOS onto your phone and then refer to a guide to follow the remaining process. 

03. AltDeploy

AltDeploy is also a Cydia Impactor alternative released recently @pixelomer. It allows you to update IPA files like uncover and other ++ applications. You do not need any revokes or jailbreaking to use this app so it has been a favourite alternative among Cydia Impactor users. Though AltDeploy is now only available for Mac you can support multiple Apple IDs. and you do not need to log in every time you log in.

04. Sideloadly

This is also a new tool released recently to sideload IPA files to your device with a free or paid developer account. If you are using a free account you need to request the sideloadly server to grab necessary information required. 

So these are the best applications you can use as Cydia Impactor alternatives.