Cydia Impactor IPA


As the development of technology people always want to experience new things day by day. People also wanted to install APK files for Android devices that are not available in the Play store and IPA files for Apple devices. Though it was easy to install third party applications for Android devices because of its straightforward process,it was a bit challenging to install iOS or Apple devices because of its restrictions. Most of the iOS users are only aware of iTunes but there are many more apps to install IPA files for iOS devices.

Cydia Impactor IPA

Some of them are Vshare, iTools, iFunBox, Diawi etc. The most easiest third party tool can be used for this process is Cydia impactor. Cydia impactor is a graphical user interface tool developed by Jay Saurik Freeman in 2013. It was first introduced for Android devices but later on it was modified for the use of iOS devices to install IPA files. That was the turning point of this app, many iOS users around the world started using the app. Now Cydia impactor is one of the most famous apps among developers who are testing applications because of its efficiency. Moreover this app is free of charge and very easy to use. After using Cydia impactor you will not search for any other easy methods to install IPA files because this is the most effortless way to do your job.

Furthermore Cydia impactor is available for the three major operating systems around the world; Windows Mac and Linux.

You can download the latest version of Cydia impactor from its official website for your certain operating system.

There are some pre requirements you must fulfill before installing Cydia impactor. The first thing is the device and the computer you are using for the sideloading process must have the same date and time. Next thing is you must install the latest version of iTunes for your windows or mac operating system. If you are a Linux user you must consider the 32 bit and 64 bit systems. You must also prepare by installing USB drivers in case of Android devices. It is also needed to have the latest iOS version otherwise it will generate provision.cpp.150 error. Those are the pre requirements you must have to install Cydia impactor to your iOS device. 

Next we will see how to install IPA files for iOS devices with two factor authentication disabled.

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Install Cydia impactor with two factor authentication disabled

Step 1: The first thing you must do is to download Cydia impactor and update iTunes for the latest version.

Step 2: The next thing you must follow is to accumulate all the IPA files you want to install into a one folder for your ease.

Step 3: now extract the downloaded impactor tool for the same folder.

Step 4: Now connect your iPhone, iPad or any other iDevice to the computer using an original USB cable.

Step 5: double tap on the app to run the app and it will take a few seconds to recognise your device.

Step 6: then navigate to device in the menu bar and then for device and install the package s section and upload your file. You can even easily drag and drop the IPA file to Cydia impactor.

Step 7: Now enter your Apple credentials (Apple password and ID ) to move ahead.

Step 8: Now navigate for settings in your iOS device, and then go to device management in the general section.

Step 9: you will see your Apple credentials there. Tap on trust to authorize the app as validation.

Step 10: Finally you will see Cydia impactor ready to open in the app drawer.

You can also install IPA files for iOS devices even with two factor authentication enabled.


This is the easiest way to install third party applications for your iOS devices.