Cydia Impactor Lockdown Error


It is obvious to have errors in any system either it is a human based system or a computer based system. So as in Cydia impactor, there are different types of runtime errors, connection errors, user errors etc. Before moving to the error we will study about Cydia impactor features and about its use.

Cydia Impactor Lockdown Error

Cydia impactor is a tool used to install IPA files for iOS devices and APK files for Android devices absolutely free of charge. It is a graphical user interface tool developed by Jay Saurik Freeman in 2013. It has become famous among iOS users because of its amazing features. 

  • USB drivers installation

It is essential to have USB drivers to communicate with the computer for Android devices.As  Cydia impactor automatically installs Cydia impactor you do not need to install USB drivers manually to your device.

  • Fastboot and Bootloader unlock

You can restart your device via fastboot mode after the installation process and you can also unlock the bootloader to install external recovery.

  • Android rooting

With Cydia impactor, after turning your USB debugging just a few clicks will do wonders.

  • Packages installation

If you are using Cydia impactor you do not need to root your device to test various custom ROMs as it automatically installs such packages to your device. You can even update it with just a few clicks.

  • Install jailbreak applications

Though there are many apps to install third party devices to your device Cydia impactor is the easiest way to install official and unofficial apps.


Steps you must follow to install Cydia impactor to your device.

Step 1: First download the latest version of Cydia impactor to your device. 

Step 2: After that connect your iOS device to your PC, open the program, and wait for it to recognize your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device.

Step 3: Next drag and drop the IPA file to the program’s interface.

Step 4: The program will ask the user for his Apple ID and the password to add the signature to the IP file. To enter your Apple credentials it is required to have an Internet connection.

Step 5: Wait a few seconds until the installation process ends. If you get a Complete message, that means that the IPA app has been installed on your iOS device successfully.

Step 6: Once the installation process is over, open the application, you’ll be shown an Unauthorized developer message, in order to approve, go to Settings > General > Profile Management and tap on Trust.

Now the installation process is successful.


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Lockdown Error Fixing

Moving onto the errors of Cydia impactor, you may have faced the lockdown error if you are a Cydia impactor user. If so you don’t have to worry because you are not alone. Many users face this error and it is easy to fix the error. 

First you must disconnect your device from the computer. Then go to settings in your iPhone, go to general in settings then navigate for reset and you have to reset location and privacy. After that plug your device into the computer and open iTunes. Then tap on the Trust button pop-up on your iPhone screen. Now try using Cydia impactor again, it will now work properly without any errors.

Though there are other errors, there are also solutions to fix them so all you have to do is to follow a correct guide for that. Because it is worth even spending some time to fix the errors as Cydia impactor is the most efficient way to install third party applications for your device and it provides facilities absolutely free without even paying a penny. Though Cydia impactor is now not working due to a server error it is the best app that can be recommended to install third party applications for iOS devices.