Cydia Impactor Mac


Jay Saurik Freeman developed Cydia Impactor in 2013 to install third party applications for iOS devices. You can install APK files for Android devices and IPA files for iOS devices by using this graphical user interface tool. The process of downloading these applications is called sideloading. The features of Cydia Impactor have made it a handy, versatile and a famous app among iOS users and specially among developers who test different tools. Some main features of cydia impactor are,

  • Connecting bridging
  • Rooting of Android mobile devices
  • Unlocking bootloader
  • Built in USB drivers
  • Package installation

Cydia Impactor Mac

You can install Cydia impactor for the Mac operating system by following the below guidelines.

Before you start Cydia impactor there are few points you must know. The first thing is it is essential to have an Apple ID with Cydia impactor. If you are not sure about the safety you have the chance to set up a free dummy account for this purpose. The next thing you must know is that free Apple IDs last only for 7 days so you must get a paid developer account for better use. You should also check whether iTunes is up to date before you start using the app. 

You can download Cydia Impactor from its official website. When using Cydia impactor you can install it either two factor authentication enabled or disabled,

Steps to install Cydia impactor with two factor authentication disabled.

Step 1: download Cydia impactor Mac version for your device.

Step 2: download the .IPA file for the app you want to sideload.

Step 3: connect your device to the computer using a lightning cable.

Step 4: check whether your app is being detected by your computer Operating system after launching it.

Step 5: drag and drop the .IPA file to the Cydia impactor.

Step 6: click on ok for expired certificate warning.

Step 7: enter your Apple credentials and click on ok.

Step 8: when the process is done, you will see the app icon on your home screen.

Step 9: open your iOS device and click on General.

Step 10: navigate to profile and then device settings.

Step 11: find and tap on the certificates of the sideloaded apps.

Step 12: finally tap on trust and close settings.

Now you can use the app as your wish.


Now we will see how to install Cydia impactor with two factor authentication enabled.

Step 1: using your internet browser open and Lon into your account.

Step 2: it will ask you to follow two factor authentication steps to log in to the account.

Step 3: you will see that your two factor authentication is enabled and beside that you will see your app specific password, tap on that.

Step 4: create a label by entering a name for it. 

Step 5: Now your password will be generated, just copy it.

Step 6: next they will ask you to enter your Apple ID and app specific password.

Step 7: follow the rest of the steps in the first method. 

Step 8: after the download of the IPA file you are free to use the app.


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Cydia Impactor Reddit

Cydia impactor Reddit is a platform for Cydia impactor users to discuss matters and share what they think and comment for others ideas. Furthermore many iOS users have discussed the jailbreaking issue of Cydia impactor.

When you are using Cydia impactor you do not need to install any other third party jailbreaking apps as it allows you to install third party applications to your iOS device. Reddit can be known as a Cydia impactor source where people gain knowledge not only about Cydia impactor but also about many other apps.

Cydia impactor is an absolutely free app which has gathered a huge audience worldwide.