Cydia Impactor No Device Found


Cydia impactor is best and the safest way to install third party applications for iOS devices.  It was introduced by Jay Saurik Freeman in 2013 for Android devices. Later on it was modified to install IPA files for iOS devices and that has gathered a huge audience from around the world. This tool is compatible for three major operating systems: Mac, windows and Linux. Though Cydia Impactor has many alternatives nothing is better than Cydia Impactor. This too contains many useful tweaks, utilities emulators and other apps. But it will be a bit risky as it jailbreak the device and yourApple warranty will be void if you jailbreak your iPhone. 

Cydia Impactor No Device Found

Cydia Impactor is not working currently due to an error in the server side and the developer of the app, Saurik has mentioned in his tweets that it will take some time to restore it as he is working with another project nowadays. So we will wait patiently until Saurik fix this error because though there are alternatives it is not the same as Cydia Impactor. Cydia Impactor is popular among developers who are testing apps because it is absolutely free and efficient.

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Why is Cydia Impactor blank and not detecting your device?

Out of errors of Cydia Impactor, Cydia Impactor blank/ not detecting device is one.If you are using cydia impactor  you may have faced that sometimes Cydia Impactor is not detecting your iPhone,iPad or any other device message pop ups. Most probably Cydia Impactor works perfectly fine and  the chances are high of having an issue related to your computer.  There are three main reasons for this error and they are as follows. 

  • Not having iTunes installed to the computer.
  • Not connecting your device to the computer properly. 
  • iTunes can not recognize the connected device.

Next we will see how to fix Cydia Impactor Blank or Not detecting your iPhone, iPad, iPod

Method 1: Check the USB support.

If your device has not connected properly it will not work. So make sure that your USB slot is working. To check it connect your device and see where it starts charging.  If it works and still it is not detecting your device then try with another port. 


Method 2: Reinstall iTunes

You must try reinstalling iTunes properly after uninstalling it to fix the error.  Here are the steps for that process.

Step 1: First uninstall iTunes, Apple application support and also Apple mobile device support.

Step 2: Next you must restart your computer.

Step 3: After that reinstall iTunes to your computer.

Step 4: Then restart your computer.

Step 5: At last check whether Cydia Impactor is detecting your device now. 


Method 3: Check the USB cable

A faulty in the USB cable also impacts this problem so always make sure to use an Apple certified USB cable. 


Method 4: Use the latest version of Cydia Impactor

Always it is needed to be updated and you can gain best results from the latest versions of the applications. You can download the latest version of Cydia Impactor from its official website.


Method 5: Try using a different computer

You will be surprised but sometimes just switching the computer to another will also help to fix the issue. You can use a different system as well. You tried using a laptop earlier so now you can try using your laptop instead. 

So here are all the things you can do to fix the error and one of them will definitely work.  If it did not work or if you need to know more about the error you can use a guide for that.